WordPress Plugin and Theme Translation

Plugin and theme translation service for Turkish language: Are you a developer? Do you have a WordPress plugin or theme? Do you want to bring your project to more people and increase its usage? This service is just for you. If you want your plugin or theme to be translated into Turkish, you can contact us. Fees are below.

WordPress Plugin and Theme Translation

Since themes have fewer sentences and words than plugins, we can translate for a lower fee. There is a separate fee for each plugin and theme. Also, if you have separate versions for paid and free versions of the plugin or theme, you will be charged separately for the paid version and for the free version. However, the paid version only charges for sentences that are not in the free version.

Why should you make paid translations for the plugin and theme?

Because translations made on WordPress plugin or theme translation page should be confirmed. This is a long process. If your plugin or theme does not get the local language option for a long time, you may lose the user. For this reason, we can translate your plugin and theme into Turkish language with the service we provide. We send you translations in po and mo files. You will add the language option to the next update, so your add-on or theme will get a new language option.

WordPress plugin and theme translation price

Now it’s time to announce prices. We act very carefully for WordPress plugin and theme translation process. After each sentence translation we make, we open the relevant sentence for the plugin or theme and see how it looks and if there is a correct translation. We carry out our work meticulously. We get money per sentence in prices. We charge $0.10 for each sentence. In this way, your theme and plugin get a new language and attract more users.

Although we receive $0.10 for each sentence translation for your plugins and themes, we keep the lowest translation fee as $5. This means that you pay $5, even if your plugin or theme contains fewer than 50 sentences.

SentenceTranslation PriceCompletion Time (Day)

We said we would get $0.15 for each sentence. However, we may charge less or more, depending on the popularity of your plugin or theme. Do not hesitate to contact us for these.

Contact Us For Your Plugin or Theme Translation

If you want, you can send the po and mo files of your plugin or theme in English. If you want, just give the download link of your theme or plugin. We will detect the translation files and translate them to Turkish and send them to you.

What you need to send to our e-mail address below;

  1. The name, link of your plugin or theme.
  2. If your add-on has a free and paid version;
    a. Link to the free version
    b. Link to paid version
    3.If you want me to translate both paid and free version of your plugin, you can link the po and mo files of both versions (you can send them with services like Google Drive, Firefox Send).
  3. How much budget you can allocate for this job.
  4. Places we need to pay attention to when translating.
  5. If there is anything else you want to add, you can write.

We will get back to you within 1-3 days after you email us. We will give a price and tell us how many days we can finish this job. We will also tell you how you can pay.


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